About Us

Gabe Rosen and Kina Voelz are the owners of Noraneko.

Gabe has dreamed of running a restaurant since he was a little kid so he moved to Oregon to go to cooking school in the late ‘90’s, got a Japanese degree, moved to Japan, came back, and then he and Kina opened their popular izakaya, Biwa, in 2007.

Kina, enchanted by the way the spaces around us effect our lives in ways we don’t even begin to understand and probably never will, moved up to Oregon and then over to Stuttgart Germany and then back to Oregon to study architecture, then met Gabe and went to Japan, and then opened Biwa and also became an architect.

In 2015, Kina and Gabe teamed up with longtime Biwa heavy lifter, Ed Ross, to satisfy their desires for the ramen of their Japanese fantasy times and in a way that makes sense in Portland and with their ideas of fun and design at Noraneko.

This is just part of the story, of course. Kina and Gabe are also really nice and they like cats, textiles, ceramics, gardens, camping, soba and tofu.