About Us

Gabe Rosen

Gabe Rosen, Noraneko founder, dreamed of running a restaurant since he was a little kid—so he moved to Oregon to go to cooking school in the '90s, got a Japanese degree, moved to Japan, came back, and in 2007 opened a popular izakaya called Biwa with his wife, best friend, and co-conspirator/cat-parent, Kina.

In 2015, Kina and Gabe teamed up with longtime Biwa heavy lifter, Ed Ross, to create Noraneko, a ramen shop and populist/magical-realist diner serving up the best Japanese ramen, gyoza, fried chicken, cocktails, and more.

Other heavy lifters like James Davidson and Kelsey Bowen have come along since.

This is just part of the story, of course.