News for November

The team just went to New York City and this is what they did…

Gabe, Kina, and Chef Ed took a trip to NYC in late October for the StarChefs International Chefs Congress. It was the 10th anniversary of this grand industry affair and the theme was “Open Source Cooking: The New Era of Collaboration and Connectivity.” No doubt. The gang thought it super cool to be in the same room as contemporary chef luminaries like Michel Bras, José Andrés, and Wylie Dufresne, and to cook alongside other chefs from around the world. They served the fried chicken from Noraneko… skin-on thigh meat brined in sake/soy/shio koji, coated in potato and cornstarch (gluten free!), fried to crispy amazingness. People loved it.

Ed also participated in a collaborative ramen competition, which was fun, and a highlight of the trip for him was a two-day stage at Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Nougatine and Jean-George (three-Michelin stars!).

They also ate their way around the city. Here are the places they went to and really liked:

·       Takashi (really special yakiniku restaurant)
·       El Rey (chia seed pudding!)
·       Sake Bar Decibel (Gabe’s been trying to go for years and finally went)
·       Grimaldi’s (funny people, good pizza…coal-oven fold-in-half slices)
·       Russ and Daughters Cafe (of course smoked fish but also halva ice cream!)
·       Superiority Burger (tahini ice cream!!)
·       Ivan Ramen (ramen!)
·       Spuyten Duyvil (wonderful exotic Brooklyn beer bar)
·       Grand Central Oyster Bar (half-shell clams and amazing bartender)

So Many Peppers

In anticipation of kale and kohlrabi, we’re furiously preserving the summer harvest. Because it’s fun to eat peppers and shiso throughout the year. Here’s what we’re doing…

Jimmy Nardello Peppers - made into a paste, fermented and dehydrated to make a fermented pepper powder to sprinkle on vegetables and sashimi for bright flavor and color. Turned out beautiful.

Shiso “Capers” and Leaves - Gabe asked all the farmers he knew to give him their shiso buds, and boy did they come through. That plus what Gabe and Kina pulled from their garden…we have a nice batch of fermented shiso capers. Plus the leaves too.

Events this Month:

Operation Tomodachi
PSU Center for Japanese Studies
November 5 | 6pm

What can Oregon learn from Japan's tragic triple disaster? (Earthquake/Tsunami/Fukushima Nuclear Plant Meltdown) The “Great East Japan earthquake” of March 11, 2011 was the most powerful in Japanese history, with a magnitude of 9.0 (Mw). General Eiji Kimizuka led the Joint Task Force that coordinated 100,000 soldiers of the Japan ground Self-Defense Force for relief efforts. General Kimizuka will recount what happened during Operation Tomodachi, and what Operation Tomodachi means for the Japan-U.S. cooperation in the future. Guys, this will be interesting.

OMSI’s Better Bites
November 12 | 6 - 8pm (21+ only)

This series at OMSI is focused on healthy, economical eating that’s a little outside the box. Chef Ed will talk about how to make ramen at home by jazzing up ramen packets with things you could get at any grocery store. Think “Supermarket Sweep” ramen… instant noodles, boxed stock, a simple chasu recipe using pork tenderloin, vegetable garnishes (hit the salad bar!). It will be healthy, delicious, and quick. And you get to taste it if you go.

Portland Night Market
November 20, 4 - 10pm | November 21, noon - 10pm

The Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) is starting a night market. It will celebrate the artisans, music venues, creatives, restaurants, and bars of the neighborhood. Come discover new makers and merchants as you taste, try, and buy. Biwa and Noraneko will be there serving sake and other surprises.