Posole Ramen, Kimchi Tamales, and More!

An Interview with Gabe and Noraneko’s New Chef Carl!

Chef Carl and the Biwa Double burger at Noraneko

Chef Carl and the Biwa Double burger at Noraneko

We have a new chef! Carl Krause is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and has worked at exciting restaurants in Hawaii, Chicago, and Boston before choosing Portland as his home. Last summer he ran our open-air fantasy chicken snack world, Kotori (more to come on that soon!). After a stint with the nice folks at Nomad, he’s now back in our family as chef of Noraneko.

Some compelling outtakes from Gabe’s interview with Chef Carl…

Gabe: What’s your favorite food?
Carl: Don’t ask me that.

Gabe: How do you like your Italian beef?
Carl: Dipped, obviously.

Gabe: What’s your dream job?
Carl: This is my dream job.

Gabe: Who do you think it would be really cool to have worked for?
Carl: Marco Pierre White.

Gabe: You’re a glutton for punishment, aren’t you?
Carl: Yes.

Also, Chef Carl is an avid gardener who enjoys the delicious Vietnamese restaurants of his new home turf in the Jade District AND he is already bringing fun vibrations to the menu at Noraneko like the curry ramen AND…


Introducing the Noraneko Sandwiches!

At Noraneko we are very inspired by the great 90s-era Portland casual spots like, Dot’s, The Roxy, Escape From New York, etc, that Gabe ate at all the time with John and Donnie and company when he first moved to town and was still real skinny.

To us these places are fun, alternative diners where you can hang out with your friends late at night (maybe intoxicated) and eat and have good times and listen to music and stuff... possibly go home and play video games after… They are the magical intersticial space between bars and restaurants that are at the heart of what we seek at Noraneko, in the guise of a ramen shop.


We like eating ramen in the summer, but we realize that maybe you don’t and anyway we thought that some nice sandwiches would be a good way to round out the menu (and would kind of be our version of soup and sandwich at the diner.)

Gabe has also been obsessing a little over veggie burgers and bratwurst lately, and the cooks keep making these sandwich experiments so we went for it, made the big jump and brought in a heavy hitter from the suburbs of Chicago (Chef Carl) to make us some real sandwiches…


midwest bratwurst
homemade duluth-style (ask nick & jamie)

future burger
trendy veggie burger with traditional
burger stuff and our secret special sauce

torta katsu
delicious pork cutlet with chipotle katsu
sauce, avocado, & pickled peppers

biwa double
two all beef patties,the sauce, lettuce,
cheese, pickles, fermented onions

karaage banh mi
special recipe fried chicken tossed in
tropical vibes, pickled daikon & carrots. zesty!


Cinco De Mayo, The Tradition Continues!

Every year we do something special for Cinco de Mayo and 2016 is absolutely going to be no different. This year el mas chignon, Santos Gongora, is taking it next level with kimchi tamales at Biwa and the brand new posole ramen at Noraneko

Imagine classic corn tamales steamy and hot in silky corn husks with the special-recipe kimchi and melty cheese inside. !Si!

Picture porky posole rojo, taken to another place with ramen noodles, hominy, limes… !Que increible!

Also, there will be margaritas AND Santos and his wife both drive red Mustangs!

All goofy email newslettering aside, please come in during regular hours on Cinco de Mayo—that’s Thursday, May 5—to enjoy these delicacies. One day only. This is one of our favorite days at the restaurant and it is kind of an insider holiday for us… we will be there eating this stuff all day long ourselves and we hope to see you, too!