September News!!

We finally got a soft serve machine!

Thanks to Kina’s tireless efforts now you can enjoy our delicious new Japanese style genmai vanilla sofuto creamu, swirled into sundaes with strawberries, sesame and butterscotch, granola and a cherry on top…

Unbelievably exciting!!! (finally!!!)

Kotori at the opening night of TBA!

We’re excited to announce that Kotori will be PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival’s opening night pop-up restaurant. We are going to serve favorites from the sumibiyaki grill alongside some Biwa and Noraneko classics from 8:30PM until 1:00AM at PICA’s new home at 15 NE Hancock.

From September 08–18, 2016, TBA will activate the city of Portland with contemporary art projects that bring artists and audiences together, creating a vibrant community through live performances, music, screenings, workshops, talks, and visual art installations.

We’re thrilled to be there on opening night, at PICA’s new home no less, and hope you will please join us!

Photo by Heather Hawksford

Photo by Heather Hawksford

Shazi’s Persian Corn Recipe!

The inimitable Shazi at Noraneko told us about a super simple and wonderful way with corn on the cob. It is all that Gabe and Kina eat on their days off lately, and we have been serving it at Kotori to great acclaim!

It’s comically easy:

Light a pile of charcoal and let the flame die down and the embers get nice and hot. Shuck some corn on the cob—as many pieces as you want—and place them directly in the coals. Cook until charred, blistery, delicious and covered with ashes and stuff. Remove from coals and rinse all of the stuff off of them in a bowl of really salty salt water (a little saltier than sea water) and enjoy. We have been eating it just like this, and find it intensely satisfying, but we suppose that you could butter them before serving and it wouldn’t be that bad (we haven’t tried yet…) Let us know!